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Baaah! That is the sound Laura Spencer hears early in the morning as she milks her goats. What does she do with the milk?  She produces all natural soaps which she initially started making for personal use. 

How did her business start?  "I began sharing the bars of soap I made with friends, and they started sharing them with their friends."  Soon she was taking orders for more soaps. Body creams and lip balms followed.

Laura uses all natural ingredients-beeswax, natural butters and oils and most important, goats milk. In a few hours she produces candles and body butters. Soaps can take up to three months.

Laura learned how to make soap by taking classes at Camp McDowell's Folk School in Walker County. She is passionate about her products because they are beneficial to the skin and to the environment.

You can purchase soaps, body scrubs, body creams, lip balms and candles at Black Belt Treasures or

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