Birmingham Area Friends...Join us at Rick & Bubba's 2015 Outdoor Expo This Weekend!

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Calling all Birmingham area Turkey Hunters, Deer Hunter, 'Gator Hunters, Fishermen, and Nature Lovers... We are coming to your 'neck of the woods' this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as a part of Alabama's Black Belt Adventures' Black Belt Village at the Rick & Bubba Outdoor Expo

The Black Belt Village will consist of our friend Pam Swanner from ABBA (the regional tourism organization, not the singing group), Tutt Land Company, the World Record Stokes Alligator (harvested right here in Wilcox County by our good friend and BBTCAC artist Mandy Stokes), Sumter County Chamber of Commerce and University of West AlabamaSelma/Dallas TourismThe Wildlife GroupNational Land RealtyAlabama Ag Credit UnionPia's Chicken Salad, and Willow Sage Woodworks

This year we (Sulynn and Kristin) will mainly be promoting 

tourism, encouraging visitors to travel to the region, avoid the long lines and bad shopping experiences the big city has to offer this holiday season and visit the amazing artists, craftsmen (and craftswomen), and small business owners that make our region special! But don't worry...we are bringing a sample of what our gallery has to offer: paintings, quilts, pottery, face jugs, baskets, and much more. In addition, we will be offering these stylish hats FREE to anyone who joins our BBTCAC Guild Membership this weekend! I've heard that deer and other wildlife are VERY attracted to these hats. 

So - if you are out and about in Birmingham this weekend, please stop by and see us! 

For more information on the Rick & Bubba Outdoor Expo 2015 please CLICK HERE! 

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