From the "Big Apple" to the "Land of Cotton".

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Living in "the city that never sleeps", artist Garland Farwell's career in New York theater designing sets, building props, and making masks and puppets, was a life he lived in his early years.  Later he pursued working in web animation and art education before deciding to become the studio artist that he is today.

So, what posses a contemporary artist to leave the bright lights of the big city for a life in rural Alabama's Black Belt region, Sumter County.  Farwell said, "after living in NYC for 20 years, the creativity I needed as an artist was lacking.  I accepted a residency at the Coleman Center in York, Al. The small town rural setting had everything I was searching for to give me inspiration for my art."  He also was influenced by southern artist Howard Finster and Mose Tolliver.

Farwell has adapted to a simpler life and his art has, according to him, become more streamlined as his work has transformed.

An environmental enthusiast in his community, Farwell's art is created through the use of recycled, reclaimed and restored items.  He feels that through his re-use of materials he supports his community and economic growth.

Farwell and some community members recently dismantled a house that was constructed in the 1800's, and last occupied in 1968. While exploring the inside, he found a trunk containing old letters and photographs. He plans to create a "Heritage & Art" venue based on the items. To view his journey follow him on Instagram at (Garland_@-south17). 

Garland Farwell's art may be purchased at Black Belt Treasures Gallery or http://www.blackbelttreasures.....

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