Gobble! Gobble!

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Gobble! Gobble! 

...Is the sound Mrs. Hicks and her guest often hear inside James "Winky" Hicks workshop.  That sound is not an actual turkey, but the noise produced by "Winky's" famous turkey "yelper".  

In a recent conversation, I inquired about the purpose of the "yelper".  

"Mating season begins at the end of March until May for the turkey birds and the "Tom" (male) is in hot pursuit of a "hen" (female).  Turkey hunters use a variety of devices to entice the "Tom" by making hen like sounds. The "Tom" goes through his "strutting" ritual, spreading his feathers out into a full fan, and the hunter aims for his target. My box is a teasing instrument used to lure a turkey."  

"Winky" uses old cedar and hard rock maple to construct his yelpers, and the "gift of the ear" to produce the right sound. He has even starred in a video on our Facebook page, where he demonstrates using the box.  The turkey callers are the number one selling item on Black Belt Treasures' website.

"Winky" is also a musical instrument craftsman and has sold to many well known musicians in the music industry.  His talent and association with country and other music artist has elevated him to celebrity status in the Black Belt community.  

When asked how long he plans to continue producing his prized "yelpers" he replied, "as long as people keep asking for them".  

I think that will be a long time.  

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