High Voltage Art

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Nancy S. Griffin’s art is electric when one observes her pieces. Griffin’s unique collection of Lichtenberg decorative wood is created with the assistance of her friend Steven Pohl, an electrician. The technique Lichtenberg, also called fractal burning, is an embellishing technique that uses high voltage electrical current along with conductive solution to produce patter

ns on wood resembling lightning flashes or tree branches. The result – high voltage art.

What materials are used and where do you get these materials?

“I use wood from a burn pile or raw wood found in the woods.”

How long does it normally take you to complete one of your items?

“Start to finish it takes about 15-30 hours.”

How do you get ideas for your art?

“Sometimes flea markets or someone gives us wooden items. Most of the wood comes from the wood yard.”

Describe your creative process.

“Some people laugh when I say the wood talks to me. I work at my home and prepare the wood or burning, then I clean it up and spend time looking at it to decide what I’m going to make out of it.”

How did you get started in this art?

“I have been making things for years and wanted to do something I had not seen around here. I partnered with Steven to do the burning part.”

Steven, what is your part in the process?

“I basically am like a welder. I wear protective gear over my eyes and use an old transformer for the voltage, a conductive solution, and a probe to create the design. My part takes approximately 25-30 minutes.”

Nancy, do you have any special training?

“The only form of training I have is from my dad and family who build and re-model houses.”

What other art do you create?

"Concrete leaves and wire trees.”

How has living in the Black Belt influenced your art?

“We have so many talented people in the Black Belt with great art and I am just glad to be a part of it."

Nancy S. Griffin's artwork may be purchased at Black Belt Treasures or ordered at http://blackbelttreasures.com.    

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