Jesus Loves Me and the Bluebirds

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Sam Cheek’s woodwork is displayed on shelves in a room he calls his “Museum of Wood Art”. “Jesus Loves Me” plays in the room as Sam winds the church music box. The tune brings back childhood memories singing with the congregation in church.

“Since retirement, I spend most days making rustic, musical, churches from cedar or recycled wood. I model the white-washed structures after a small church I attended while growing up in the mountains of middle Tennessee. The churches are my most popular gift item to newborns.”

“I do other tunes when I can get the musical components. In 2019, I started making Christmas churches that play holiday tunes.” The churches are painted white and feature holiday wreaths and greenery.

Ceiling tiles are another item Sam likes to recycle as art. He collects the tin pieces from old homes and paints them in bright and pastel colors. The smaller tiles measure 12”x12” and the large 24”x48”. The tiles are a popular decorative item.

Sam also enjoys creating homes for birds. He builds the bird houses in three sizes and paints them in bright colors. “My most popular house is the small Victorian style. People like to use them outdoors for the bluebirds.” Sam designs the bird houses to resemble old buildings, homes and churches.

What was once a hobby has evolved into a steady business providing Sam the opportunity to sell his unique items all over the world.

Sam’s artwork may be purchased at Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center or website http://

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