Just Monogram It!

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What does a retired U.S. Postal Service employee do when she retires? She finds a hobby that allows her to be creative.

I asked Pat McGilberry what inspired her to pursue the art of monogramming? “My Granny did heirloom sewing and it inspired me. I learned by taking a few sewing classes.”

Pat’s specialty is monogramming flour sack towels on her computerized sewing machine. The lettering is created in an old English style which gives the towels an old world  design. The flour sack is an ivory color and the monogram is a slightly darker beige thread.

“People have asked me why I choose to do tea towels and I reply, you can never have too many."  Why does she use flour sack fabric? “The fabric is ideal because it dries quickly and does not leave lint like other fabrics are prone to do.”

During the holidays Pat designs flour sack towels with Christmas trees and greetings. The items are created in red and green colors that give a festive look.

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