Koontz Creations

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Whether she is creating art with the stroke of a brush or working with jewelry, Rebecca Koontz is always thinking about her next project. Koontz's art interest started at the age of three and continued through college. She earned a BPFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

“My favorite medium to work with when painting is oil, because it has been around for so long. When creating on a canvas, the colors are more vibrant and realistic. Landscapes and figures are my favorite subjects to paint. I get inspiration from the places I have been, people I meet, and life experiences.”

Koontz also creates jewelry when she is in her creative mode. “I like to switch mediums based on my mood. I do a collection of earrings that includes watercolor paper. I use recycled copper and brass wire when I can find it. The dangling pieces are made from painted watercolor paper.” The materials she uses make the earrings lite when hanging on the earlobe.

Rebecca Koontz jewelry, paintings, and wooden figures may be purchased in Black Belt Treasures Gallery or order online.

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