Spiritual Mold

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Working in her art studio from home, Jo Taylor concentrates on her next art project. Taylor is a potter and fused glass artist who has a B.S. in Art Education from Auburn University in Montgomery and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Montevallo. She is a facilitator in Visual Arts Education for the Alabama Institute on Education in the Arts.  

 What is your favorite medium? “Clay, because you can create many different ways and make a variety of objects. You have unlimited creativity when working with clay.”

   How do you come up with the ideas for creating your pieces? “I am constantly looking for inspiration from a variety of sources – other artist work, buildings and natural surroundings. My spirituality has some influence which is why I make natural pieces and useful items, such as mugs."  Jo’s favorite creations are her Raku pieces – angels, decorative items and functional pieces. She does not have a particular style.

Any new creations you are working on and what medium? “I am working on a collection of butter dishes because they are useful and rare. I am focusing on hand building using one piece of clay.”

In addition to creating pottery, Jo teaches one on one classes in her private studio. This summer she will be teaching a week long class for kids at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

Taylor’s artwork is available at "Gallery 905" in Selma, and BBT Gallery and  online at http://www.blackbelttreasures.com.

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