Stitching and Quilting

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"When people from out of town ask me about Gee's Bend, they also ask if I am a quilter. I always reply, of course." says Tinnie Pettway.

Since the popularity of the "Gees Bend Quilting Society", life as a "bender" has taken on a bit of stardom for the quilting ladies.  Life was not easy growing up assisting with household chores, working in the fields preparing the ground for seasonal planting, and harvesting the crops. "We worked from sun up to sun down in the fields, then when we got home mama would put pieces of fabric with a needle in our hands and have us start quilting small boxes", says Minnie.

When the sisters and brothers were older they moved to Bridgeport, Conn.  Tinnie received her LPN degree in Nursing while Minnie earned a Bachelors and Masters degree  as a Physical Education instructor. Years later, the sisters returned to Gee's Bend working and quilting, and continue to do so today. 

In addition to quilts and wall art, sisters Minnie and Tinnie have added quilted potholders to their stitching hobby. The potholders are a top seller at BBT.

Minnie and Tinnie's potholders may be purchased at BBT gallery or the website

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