Summer Art Camps 2018

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*Summer Art Camp Information, Registration Form, & Scholarship Application

Black Belt Treasures is about to come alive with the sounds of laughter and little artists.
There will be footprints through the gallery, handprints on the wall, paint and paper everywhere...
And we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Many of our first summer campers are now in college - some have even graduated. Soon, we will probably even enjoy our first second generation art campers!!!
And we look forward to that day with joy and anticipation!!!

Summer brings many children's first experience with art classes - the first time they have been able to paint on a canvas, make something out of clay, make a huge mess and be told "it's ok - creativity isn't clean!"
And we jump in and get messy with them!!!

Summer Art Camp is an opportunity for kids to make new friends, to build community, to build bridges through the arts, to introduce kids to new ideas and experiences, to experiment and create without boundaries...
And we think - why don't we have Summer Art Camp for Adults?!!? hmmmmmm......

And on the last day, when they say goodbye to new friends, and beam with pride as they show off their "masterpieces" to their family...we may get a little teary eyed, excited for future years with new little artists and sad as our older artist grow up and move away - but always tears of happiness and pride.

The Arts are so many things to so many people - but to us they are everything!!!

Won't you join us this year?


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