The Feel of Clay.

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Cotton decorated ceramic mugs by Becky Blaylock

Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center Dallas County resident Becky Blaylock did not have to think long about what she would do when she decided to retire in 2011, as Library Media Specialist in the Selma School System. Prior to retiring, she was seeking a hobby to pursue and discovered clay. Little did she know, pottery making would became her passion and second career. 

In a recent conversation Becky told me, "the thing I enjoy the most about working with clay is the feel and ability to create."  I asked her how she decided to create a tabletop collection.  "It evolved from brides approaching me to create bridesmaid's gifts.  I did a design for a parent who wanted a dinnerware pattern created for her daughter, who was getting married. The parent and bride were overjoyed with the results."  

The dinnerware has become a popular item in her pottery making.  The glazes are cream colored and feature a cotton boll, a popular crop grown in the south.  The collection includes dinner, salad, cereal bowl, mug, serving pieces, mixing bowl with handle and spoon rest. Additional pieces may be done by request. 

Becky Blaylock's pottery is available at Black Belt Treasures Gallery or on the website

Becky plans to introduce a new collection of flower pots soon. 

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