Bryant Hollinger

Wilcox County

Handmade Knives for the Outdoorsman

"Hunting and outdoors are a big part of life in the Black Belt and a good knife is indispensable."

Bryant said, "I start with an idea in my head and then I make a CAD drawing on the computer. Designs usually evolve as I make the knives." His everyday usage of traditional knives as well as hunting contributes to the design of his knives.

"My knives are tools first- function before form. I hope that they are aesthetically pleasing, but first and foremost they must do their job well and be comfortable."

Bryant made his very first knife in 2009 on a grinder that belonged to his late brother-in-law, Forrest Johnson. He is self-taught through online videos and research in books. However, his great grandfather Leo Hollinger, Sr., "made knives as a hobby and gave many away to the young men in the camden area" Bryant relayed.

Stainless steel and other grades of metal are sourced from various steel and knife suppliers. Handle material such as MI carta and G10, bone, horn and exotic woods are also used. Much of the wood for the handles -Osage, pecan and hackleberry- are from local sources.

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Large Drop Point Camp Knife
Large Drop Point Camp Knife Price: $200.00
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These knives are perfect for anything from skinning deer to getting out a splinter.  They are for country men and women alike. Hollinger Knives: Large Drop Point Camp Knife Stainless Steel/Green G10 Handle Knife- 8.5 inches long, comes with 6.5" holster