• Framed Hand-Carved Fishing Lures #0002 - 8905
  • Framed Hand-Carved Fishing Lures #0002 - 8905

Artist: Lamar Wilson

Dallas County, Alabama

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    Item #: 8905

    Dallas County artist, Lamar Wilson, carves each fishing lure by hand before hand painting several layers of paint, protecting with spar urethane, and finishing with appropriate hooks, weights, spinners, and feathers. Lures are arranged within a rustic wood frame, crafted individually for each lure grouping.

    This box measures 12" by 9" and contains six (6) individual lures.

    Each box is numbered on the back, while each lure is signed by the artist.

    Lures are completely functional, and are collected by competitive tournament fishermen across the state - but are also equally collected as works of art. Wilson is entirely self-taught, but is an experienced wood artist with years of home and furniture refinishing and carving experience.