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    9" Old Fashioned Pecan Pie from "Priester's Pecans" in Fort Deposit, Alabama. 

    "Share one of our most cherished traditions with our old-fashioned pecan pies. Everyone remembers the mouth-watering pies their mother or grandmother used to make. We put that same love and care into every delicious pecan pie we prepare. Our pies contain only the freshest ingredients including pecans and eggs right from the farm, sweet syrup, and more. All of these are baked to perfection in a flaky crust made from scratch."

    This Pecan Pie is shrink wrapped for freshness - but in NOT available for SHIPPING. This item is PICK-UP ONLY! To purchase the 9" Pecan Pie that is available for Shipping - please click HERE

    Please Note - because this pecan pie is part of our Fall/Winter 2020 Fundraiser - they will be available for PICK-UP at BBTCAC on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. If this order is a GIFT - please send "gift message" instructions to Stephanie at 

    Priester's Pecan Pie Gift Box comes with one nine-inch pecan pie, wrapped in cellophane for freshness.