Artist: Faye Neville

Wilcox County, Alabama

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    These quilled earrings are hand made by artist Faye Neville. The quilling is 1.25" long and with the hook it is aproximately 2" long.

    Each earring of Faye's is unique and you won't find two exactly alike.

    Quilling is the art of shaping narrow, twisted, twirled, or pinched strips of paper that is then glued into patterns or designs. The first step in the process is the design, then the size, color(s) and placement such as canvas, cardstock, picture frame, shadow box, ect. Faye says that "Quilling can be done anywhere, anytime as long as it's dry".

    "I love the whole process, but the finished product is always better than I see in my mind and the next project is always waiting."