Artist: That's Sew Gee's Bend - Tinnie and Minnie Pettway

Wilcox County, Alabama

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    Each potholder is handcrafted by sisters Minnie & Tinnie Pettway from Gee's Bend, Wilcox County, Alabama, using a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing techniques. These sisters have been quilting for most of their lives, and learned their craft from their mother in authentic Gee's Bend tradition.

    No two potholders are ever alike, but if you are interested in more than one or a specific color scheme, please be sure to call us to see what we currently have in stock.

    Sizes vary - but these potholders are approximately 12" x 12"

    With your purchase you will receive one (1) potholder.
    Please call if you would like to specify color scheme.

    • one (1) potholder
    • biography on the artist(s)