Rickey Elliot

Wilcox County


"I search for trees, stumps, limbs, drift wood and old lumber off my homestead in beautiful Possum Bend and Rock West creek that runs through our land." 

Since retirement, Rickey has been inspired by his family to make certain wooden pieces they wanted, to which he said "Ha ha!" He said that he has been "creating something for our home...most of our married life."

Ideas, other than from his family, have come from YouTube and country magazines. And he said "yes" he likes taking "nothing and trying to make something. I love to saw a piece of wood in town and see what happens, sometimes good, more often bad!"

Rickey Elliott's statement about the rewards he feels from his crafted pieces is priceless. "Just to know that you started where you are, used what you had, did what you could and was pleased. I don't glean much from the 21st Century, I like to go into the past and this beautiful area has as history of people who can survive."

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Angel (Large)
Angel (Large) Price: $39.95
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These angels are placed atop of a circular piece of wood.  They are carved from wood and have different halos on their head-either pearl or tinsel decorations.  Each angel has a different color-please call us if you would like a specific one.Rickey Elliot- Angel (Large); approx 25"x10", signed by the artist

Hand Carved Large Wooden Bowl rickey elliot, bowl, woodwork, wooden bowl, hand carved,
Hand Carved Large Wooden Bowl Price: $65.00
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Item #: 12168 -

Rickey Elliott: Hand Carved Large Wooden Bowl (Asst Wood)  Length: 10"-24" Width: 9"-12" Height: 2"-5"

Small Wooden Church rickey elliot, church, woodwork, wooden church,
Small Wooden Church Price: $24.95
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Rickey Elliot: Small Wooden Church