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Medium Walnut Bowl Rodger carroll, walnut bowl, wooden bowl, black belt, black belt art, black belt treasures
Medium Walnut Bowl Price: $80.00
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Rodger Carroll Item #: 3039 -

This one-of-a-kind walnut bowl crafted by Rodger Carroll measures approx. 10" in diameter, 4" in height. It has slight imperfections that add a touch of character to the vessel.

Mini Birdhouse Ornament
Mini Birdhouse Ornament Price: $17.95
Availability: In Stock
Bud Rogers Item #: 8948 -

Bud Rogers mini birdhouse ornaments add a woodsy feel to your Christmas tree.  It is little and cute and will blend in perfectly with your trees.Bud Rogers- Mini Birdhouse Ornament; approx. 4"x2" We have a wide variety of these little ornaments, please call us to let us know which one(s) you'd like. 

Old Wood 3 Tier Stand William Bledsoe, Woodwork, woodwork, wood stand,
Old Wood 3 Tier Stand Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
William G. Bledsoe Item #: 9416 -

William G. Bledsoe: Old Wood 3 Tier Stand,  Length: approx. 15" Width: approx. 15" Height: approx. 23" This beautiful Old Wood 3 Tier Stand would be perfect for wedding venues, birthday parties, baby showers or any number of celebratory events. Cupcakes, decorative burlap and a nice ribbon could turn this gorgeous rustic stand into a beautiful centerpiece that will have everyone wondering where it came from.

One Hole Coupe wooden car, wood carving, wood, old car, coupe, toy car, wooden toy, fletcher cox,
One Hole Coupe Price: $28.95
Availability: In Stock
Fletcher Cox Item #: 453 -

This wooden car is wonderfully crafted to represent an old coupe. The deeply rounded lines are reminiscent of an older style of automobile. This would make a great gift for a loved one or a child with a vivid imagination this holiday season!This car measures 8" long, 4" wide, and 5" tall.

Poplar/Cottonwood Bowl robert knight, black belt, poplar bowl, wooden bowl, cottonwood bowl,
Poplar/Cottonwood Bowl Price: $80.00
Availability: In Stock
Robert Knight Item #: 12044 -

Robert Knight's poplar and cottonwood bowl is a great addition to your kitchen table. This bowl is turned on a lathe and measures 9 1/2" inches in diameter and 2 1/2" inches in height.Roberty Knight-Poplar/Cottonwood Bowl; 9 1/2" in diameter, 2 1/2" in height, turned on a lathe.

Poplar/Cottonwood/Maple Bowl robert knight, black belt, bowl, poplar bowl, wooden bowl, lightweight bowl, cottonwood bowl, maple bowl,
Poplar/Cottonwood/Maple Bowl Price: $100.00
Availability: In Stock
Robert Knight Item #: 12043 -

Robert Knight's bowl, turned on a lathe, is made of a trifecta of poplar, cottonwood, and maple. It is 9 1/4" in diameter and 4" in height.

Pumpkin Boy
Pumpkin Boy Price: $35.00
Availability: In Stock
Rebecca Koontz Item #: 12231 -

This woodwork sculpture of a little boy decorated with black and white polka dots with a wooden pumpkin ideal for any children's room or classroom. It could also be used as a fun Halloween decoration.Rebecca Koontz: Pumpkin Boy (Found Objects Sculpture); 6.5"

Reclaimed Wood Cross cross, wood cross, wooden cross, reclaimed wood, andrew mccall, folk art, wall art
Reclaimed Wood Cross Price: $35.95
Availability: In Stock
Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 9521 -

Wooden cross made from reclaimed whitewashed barn wood by artist Andrew McCall. This cross is approximately 16" x 10" and has a saw toothed wall hanger on the back.

Small Church - 2 Holes barnwood church, reclaimed wood, andrew mccall, wooden church, woodwork,
Small Church - 2 Holes Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 246 -

Andrew McCall: Small Church 2 Holes Andrew McCall demonstrates his amazing gift for woodworking with this Church made from reclaimed, whitewashed wood from an old barn. This piece is handcrafted with a pointed top, 2 openings in front and is 10 inches tall. It would make a great addition to any home, office, or garden.

Small Wooden Church rickey elliot, church, woodwork, wooden church,
Small Wooden Church Price: $24.95
Availability: In Stock
Rickey Elliott Item #: 12629 -

Rickey Elliot: Small Wooden Church

Street Corner Church
Street Corner Church Price: $178.95
Availability: In Stock
Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 9447 -

These wooden churches are placed on a slab of wood. They are made in a tradition church style with long, slender doors and a tall steeple.Andrew McCall- Street Corner Church; 18.5"x10.5"; has three sides and a tin roof

Sugar Baby
Sugar Baby Price: $65.00
Availability: In Stock
Rebecca Koontz Item #: 12219 -

Do you know someone who loves "quirky" art pieces? This weird and fun piece is made of wood and painted in bright colors with a bottle top for decoration.  It includes a hanger for hanging on the wall.Rebecca Koontz: Sugar Baby (Found Objects Sculpture); approx. 12.5"h