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It Wasnt All Dancing and Other Stories It, Wasnt,  All,  Dancing, and, Other,  Stories, Mary, Ward, Brown
It Wasn't All Dancing and Other Stories Price: $30.00
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Mary Ward Brown Item #: 1367 -

With the 11 stories in this long-awaited collection, Mary Ward Brown once again offers her devoted fans a palette of new literary pleasures. All but one of her stories are set in Alabama. They deal with dramatic turning points in the lives of people who happen to be southerners. Brown proves herself as a graceful and gifted storyteller who writes with an authoritative pen, inventing and inhabiting the worlds of her sets of characters with insight, compassion and wit. Most of the stories in “It...

Jeffreys Favorite 13 Ghost Stories Jeffreys, Favorite, 13, Ghost, Stories
Jeffrey's Favorite 13 Ghost Stories Price: $23.95
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 204 -

Jeffrey, the ghost that has haunted Kathryn Tucker Windham’s house for 40 years is back. This time, he helped Mrs. Windham choose 13 of the best stories from her acclaimed series of Southern ghost stories. This new volume, with an introduction by the author, is filled with cameos by historical places, collecting the best of the stories from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Learn why a phantom witch relentlessly torments the Bell family and gasp as a farmer vanishes into thin air....

Kismet Kismet, K.T., Archer
Kismet Price: $27.95
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K.T. Archer Item #: 4252 -

For Lizzy Wallace, everything changed following the worst year of her life. Lizzy had two close friends Kay and Spencer and they were determined to remind Lizzy who she was. They decided to take matters into their own hands. New people, new places are just the key to her return to joy; together they will find help for their lost friends. They will help Lizzy grow beyond her well-earned distrust in people. That’s just one way they will change her entire life. Only one thing is for sure, when...

Lummie Jenkins Lummie, Jenkins, Delynn, Jenkins, Halloran
Lummie Jenkins Price: $16.95
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Delynn Jenkins Halloran Item #: 2315 -

Once known as the sheriff with the longest tenure in the United States, Sheriff Lummie Jenkins was legendary for not carrying a gun. His greatest weapon in dealing with people was psychology and he mastered in it. His soft-spoken authority and keen knowledge of human behavior enabled him to have phenomenal success in solving murders and getting suspects to confess. His distinctive personality, his ability to relate to people of all walks of life, and his unique storytelling is the legacy that...

Secret of the Satilfa Secret, of, the, Satilfa, Ted, M., Dunagan
Secret of the Satilfa Price: $21.95
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Ted M. Dunagan Item #: 3358 -

Ted Dunagan continues the saga of two adventuresome boys, Ted and Poudlum, in Secret of the Satilfa, the sequel to Dunagan’s debut novel A Yellow Watermelon. In the fall of 1948, young Ted and Poudlum have their post-Thanksgiving fishing trip to the Cypress Hole on the Satilfa Creek interrupted by unwelcome visitors and fugitive bank robbers. They managed to escape and return to the Satilfa to search for money rumored to have been hidden by the criminals along with seemingly half the locals of...

SHE "The Old Woman Who Took Over My Life" SHE, "The, Old, Woman, Who, Took, Over, My, Life"
SHE "The Old Woman Who Took Over My Life" Price: $20.00
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 4355 -

This slender book, the last of twenty-nine written by Kathryn Tucker Windham over her long and productive life, will be an exquisitely bittersweet read for many fans of the late storyteller and author from Selma, Alabama. Windham died shortly before the publication of the volume, but only over the last eighteen months of her life did she seem constrained by her advancing years. In She, which Windham was putting the finishing touches on when she died at age 93 in June 2011, the author describes...

Spit, Scarey Ann, & Sweat Bees "One Thing Leads To Another" Spit, Scarey Ann, & Sweat Bees "One Thing Leads To Another", Kathryn Tucker Windham
Spit, Scarey Ann, & Sweat Bees "One Thing Leads To Another" Price: $20.00
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 2870 -

Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees recalls small-town life in the 1920s and ‘30s, garnished with ruminations about folktales and superstitions. Mrs.Windham recalls how Thurza, her family cook, tucked a wooden match in her hair to cure a headache, and how her father spit in his hat when a rabbit crossed the road. She ponders the origins of old sayings and the creativity of children’s play before television and air conditioning. She affectionately recounts stories about family members, friends,...

The Alabama Adventures of Walter & Wimbly The, Alabama, Adventures, of, Walter, &, Wimbly,Jennifer, Stewart, Kornegay
The Alabama Adventures of Walter & Wimbly Price: $19.99
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Jennifer Stewart Kornegay Item #: 5732 -

How many friends do you have? Two, five, ten? Now think about your best friend. The friend who makes you smile the widest. What would you do if that friend suddenly moved far away and you thought you’d never see them again? That’s the problem that faced the friends in our story, Walter and Wimbly. They reacted just like you might. But there is a slight difference. Walter and Wimbly are cats.

The Bridal Wreath Bush The, Bridal, Wreath, Bush, Kathryn, Tucker, Windham
The Bridal Wreath Bush Price: $14.95
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 504 -

In this elegant, simple tale of a true incident, renowned storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham reminds us of the endurance of love and the durability of the human spirit. Hiram, a poor farmer, approaches her father, a banker, for a loan of expense money for a journey. The background to Hiram’s quest encompasses love, loss, the terrible human costs of slavery, and the complex relationships between black and white Southerners. Hiram returns from his journey with a gift for his banker friend and a...

The Silver Spoon Silver, Spoon, K.T., Archer
The Silver Spoon Price: $27.95
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K.T. Archer Item #: 3860 -

Twenty-five-year- old Lizzy thinks if she keeps her eyes closed all the way, then maybe what she is experiencing will not be real. Her mother, who has always been her rock, is about to die from cancer. As her mother takes her last breath, Lizzy, who has never truly been on her own steps into the unknown and begins a new life. After her mother’s death Lizzy’s inner strength is tested after family secrets come out revealing the imperfections of those she loves and admires. Now it’s time for...

The Tuskegee Airmen The, Tuskgee, Airmen
The Tuskegee Airmen Price: $27.95
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Joseph Caver, Jerome Ennels, and Daniel Haulman Item #: 4190 -

Many documentaries, articles, museum exhibits, books, and movies have now treated subject of the Tuskegee Airmen, the only black American military pilots in World War II. Most of these works have focused on their training and their subsequent accomplishments during combat. This publication goes further, using captioned photographs to trace the Airmen through the various stages of training, deployment, and combat in North Africa, Italy, and over occupied Europe. For the first times are...

Tongues Of Flame Tongues, Of, Flame, Mary, Ward, Brown
Tongues Of Flame Price: $19.95
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Mary Ward Brown Item #: 132 -

If you’ve read Mary Ward Brown’s fiction you know these deceptively bold contrasts conceal layers of subtlety. In her stories, stereotype, negative and positive, reveal their other sides, lighter, and darker, and hasty, judgmental attitudes toward people and places do not last. Change and continuity, past and present, black race and white, massive abstractions and concrete particulars, all are reflected in a real, whole word, by characters from a complete social spectrum. Like most of the...