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Wings of Opportunity history, alabama history
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In 1910, Orville and Wilbur Wright opened the first American civilian flight school in Montgomery, Alabama. The Wright brothers hoped to find a climate warmer and more hospitable to flying than their company base of snowy Dayton, Ohio. Forward-thinking Montgomerians welcomed the Wrights and heralded the school as a way to rise above the shadow of the Civil War. Author Julie Hedgepeth Williams chronicles the short life of this flight school as seen mainly through the eyes of the Alabama press,...

Winter Wonder mixed media, painting, wall art,
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Marilyn Ammons Item #: 9543 -

11 x 14 mixed media painting by artist Marilyn Ammons.

Wire Sculpture Dinosaur
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Charlie Lucas Item #: 331 -

Internationally renowned folk artist from Selma, Alabama, Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas, creates his one of a kind paintings and sculptures from mostly found materials.

Wire Wrapped Band Bracelet bracelet, wire bracelet, metal bracelet, jewelry, wire jewelry, metal jewelry, copper jewelry
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John Hogarth Item #: 9260 -

Hand crafted wire wrapped copper bracelet by artist John Hogarth. This bracelet 1 centimeter wide and 8 inches around.

Wooden Fish- Pale Face fish, wall hanging, wall art, folk art, garland farwell
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Garland Farwell Item #: 9881 -

These unique wooden fish are hand crafted from old wood reclaimed from barns, houses, and other abandoned buildings. 27" from mouth to tail and 9" from top fin to bottom fin.

Wooden Tractor With Dozer Blade wooden tractor, toy tractor, tractor toy, tractor with blade, hand carved toy
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Fletcher Cox Item #: 8486 -

This tractor was hand carved out of cedar by wood artist Fletcher Cox and features a fully movable dozer blade on the front. The body measures approximately 9" long, 3" wide, and 6" tall and the blade measures 6" long and 5 inches wide.

Working In the Fields working in the fields, charlie lucas, tin man, the tin man, folk art, painting, art for the wall
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Charlie Lucas Item #: 9024 -

Internationally renowned folk artist from Selma, Alabama, Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas, creates his one of a kind paintings and sculptures from mostly found materials.This painting on canvas is 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

Yoda Baby Outfit baby outfit, baby, crochet, baby costume
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Miranda Murphy Item #: 10222 -

Hand crocheted baby outfit perfect for any baby who is one with the force. This outfit consists of a hat, diaper cover, and booties and was hand crafted by artist Miranda Murphy. When laying flat, the hat is 6" long, the diaper cover is 6 1/2 inches long and 6 3/4 inches tall, and the booties are 3 inches long.

Angel with Bouquet angel, bouquet, andrew, mccall
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 53 -

This wood angel is crafted from reclaimed wood from old barns and houses. The wood is cut and sculpted using a layered technique to sculpt the shape. Each angel is unique and may vary some from the picture shown.