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12x12 Tin ceiling tile, ceiling tin, sam cheek, wall hanging
12x12 Tin Price: $35.00
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Sam Cheek Item #: 4103 -

These 12" x 12" tins are reclaimed metal ceiling tiles hand painted and re-purposed by artist Sam Cheek.

14" Scoon scoop spoon, wooden spoon, hand turned
14" Scoon Price: $15.00
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Burt Fuller Item #: 8779 -

Hand turned wooden "scoon", or a scoop spoon combination, made my artist Burt Fuller.

A Bubba on Polecat Bay
A Bubba on Polecat Bay Price: $19.95
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Item #: 8903 -

Duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, or fishing, if any of these endeavors are going on there probably a Bubba involved. South Alabama has always been a haven for Bubba types. They all have one thing in common: given the opportunity they will do some dumb stuff while pursuing their sport. Included in these pages are stories about a few of these Bubbas, both the Causeway variety like the ones on Polecat Bay, and their hillbilly counterparts from upstate a ways. The stories are all true...

A Sharecroppers Daughter by Jessie LaVon
A Sharecropper's Daughter by Jessie LaVon Price: $21.95
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Jessie LaVon Item #: 9468 -

"Come and travel the road back to where the late afternoon drifts into long shadows of purple, blue and raw sienna. Where long afternoon drifts into long shadow, and the cotton fields gently kiss the breeze. Back to where memories were made to last a lifetime and can now be captured on my canvases" by Jessie LaVon about her book "A Sharecropper's Daughter" Jessie was born a sharecropper's daughter to Geneva Yelverton in 1955 and grew up much the way her family had for generations.Published by...

A-Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman
A-Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman Price: $24.95
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Item #: 2172 -

-Train is the story of one of the black Americans who, during World War II, graduated from Tuskegee (AL) Flying School and served as a pilot in the Army Air Corps’ 99th Pursuit Squadron. Charles W. Dryden presents a fast-paced, balanced, and personal account of what it was like to prepare for a career traditionally closed to African Americans, how he coped with the frustrations and dangers of combat, and how he, along with many fellow black pilots, navigators, bombardiers, and crewmen, emerged...

After the Rain after the rain, flower, painting, art for the wall, elizabeth reid
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Elizabeth Reid Item #: 9064 -

Alabama Barbecue: Delicious Road Trips
Alabama Barbecue: Delicious Road Trips Price: $20.00
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Item #: 7545 -

No state in America has a higher percentage of restaurants seving barbecue than Alabama, according to a recent survey. More than 300 Alabama restaurants serve the savory smoked meat. That's enough to make a pig-pilgramage every weekend for a half decade without visiting the same one twice!These are the dining spots that you can smell before you see them: sweet hardwood smoke wafting across the landscape, drawing diners off the highway at places they never intended to stop.The best ones are...

All Over Alabama
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Item #: 5802 -

All Over Alabama is the fun account of a close-knit family that lives in Alabama- a family of frogs that is! Readers with roots in Alabama will smile as a bullfrog named Gig, whose family is very big, desrcribes some of the relatives he has living throughout the state. There's Gig's Uncle Wart in Spanish Fort, Cousin Toady Belle- the beauty queen from Hazel Green, the cousins that are itty bitty-tiny tadpoles in Pell City... and that's not all!

Artist Brush Roll Up art brush holder, brush holder, brush, art accessories
Artist Brush Roll Up Price: $35.00
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Leslie Zacchini Item #: 9202 -

This handcrafted brush roll up sleeve, by artist Leslie Zacchini, is perfect for storing you paint or makeup brushes. It measures 16"x17.5" when laid flat. There are varying pocket sizes to fit your brushes and has multiple places to fold along the top so it can hold short or long brushes. *Brushes not included.

Assorted Antler Earrings earrings, jewelry, antler,
Assorted Antler Earrings Price: $14.50
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Carl W. Nelson Item #: 9933 -

Hand crafted earrings made from antlers by artist Carl Nelson. The earrings vary in size and are all slightly different though they are all around or smaller than 1 in.

Auburn Memory Wire Bracelet bracelet, glass beads, beaded bracelet, jewelry
Auburn Memory Wire Bracelet Price: $17.50
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Marilyn Ammons Item #: 10679 -

This hand beaded bracelet by artist Marilyn Ammons is crafted from orange and blue glass beads of varying sizes and has two silver embellishments on the ends.

Barnwood Angel angel, barnwood angel, barn wood angel, wall hanging, wall art
Barnwood Angel Price: $32.95
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 5673 -

This wood angel is crafted from reclaimed wood from old barns and houses. The wood is cut and sculpted using a layered technique to create the shape.