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Dead Towns of Alabama
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Dead Towns of Alabama is not merely a series of obituaries for dead towns. Instead, it brings back to life 83 Indian towns, 77 fort sites, and 112 colonial, territorial, and state towns. W. Stuart Harris conjures up a wealth of fascinating images from Alabama's rich and colorful past--images of life as the Indians lived it, of colonial life in the wilderness, of Spanish explorers and French exiles, of danger and romance, of riverboats and railroads, of plantations and gold mines, of...

Fear Not the Fall
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In three dozen poems and a two-act play, MacArthur Fellow Billie Jean Young honors the tradition of struggle, resistance, and survival common to generations of women descended from African slaves. The tradition she dramatizes in her acclaimed portrayal of Fannie Lou Hamer (here for the first time in book form)-the tradition of making a way out of no way-is the same tradition she celebrates in remembering her mother's "rub-board hands." Her poetry also reveals the deeply painful, often hidden...

Flat Church Cross Plaque church, wall hanging, barn wood, reclaimed wood, andrew mccall
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 9195 -

Church shaped reclaimed whitewashed barn wood from Alabama's Black Belt. This wall hanging features a cross on the front made from cut strips of tin and has a saw tooth wall hanger on the back. It measures approximately 6 x 7.

Form Fold Bracelet bracelet, copper bracelet, cuff bracelet, copper, jewelry
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John Hogarth Item #: 9255a -

Hand crafted copper cuff bracelet by artist John Hogarth. This bracelet is approximately 1.5" wide and 6" around but can be adjusted.

Fused Glass Pendant fused glass, glass, glass pendant, fused glass pendant, pendant, glass jewelry, fused glass jewelry
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Hand crafted fused glass pendant by artist Rhys Marie Greene. This pendant measures approximately 1 1/4" x 2".Each purchase comes with one Fused Glass Pendant, if you would like to purchase a specific Fused Glass Pendant, please call us at 334-682-9878 or a customer comment.

Fused Glass Pendant fused glass, glass, glass pendant, fused glass pendant, pendant, glass jewelry, fused glass jewelry
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Hand crafted fused glass pendant by artist Jo Taylor.

Ghost Hollow
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Ghost Hollow is the story of Adam Still, a man forced, if somewhat happily, into a fugitive life. It is saga on a whim, an excuse to waste time daydreaming about camping and being outdoors, hunting and fishing and getting by on one’s wits alone……and maybe a little luck. What would a man do, what could a man do, if he had to? Join Adam on a frolicking escape through the wilds of south Alabama and beyond, as this outdoor-loving outlaw journeys towards freedom. Bob Williams, alias "Dr. Bob" is a...

Goldilocks goldilocks, charlie lucas, tin man, the tin man, folk art
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Internationally renowned folk artist from Selma, Alabama, Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas, creates his one of a kind paintings and sculptures from mostly found materials. This piece has been crafted from a refurbished bike seat into a unique folk art sculpture.

Hand Carved Green Heron green, heron, heron, bird, hand carved, handcarved, carving, woodwork
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John Sheffey Item #: 650 -

This very unique heron is hand carved from a block of wood and then painted with great detail. The detailed carving and painting techniques make the bird look very realistic and simulates actual feathers. This is a perfect gift for a hunting enthusiast.The base is approximately 15" x 8" at the widest points and from the bottom of the base to the top of the bird it is 8" tall.

Happy Healthy Family Tracking the Outdoors In
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For many, preparing wild game seems to be a daunting task. In her book, not only does Stacy give the information needed to melt away any intimidation of cooking from the wild, but she also gives the techniques to simplify the process of making succulent, excellent meals. Her tried and true recipes come from a heart to love her family through cooking extraordinarily delicious food gathered from the garden, and hunted and fished from the wild. Stacy Harris was born and raised in the black belt...

Historic Alabama Courthouses alabama history, history book, alabama courthouses
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Alabama’s oldest courthouses have witnessed a panorama of history. Historic Alabama Courthouses resurrects historical facts and images of buildings that were the centers of much of the state’s public life during its first century. Photographs of more than 120 buildings, the earliest that the author could find for each structure, are gathered in this significant volume along with historical, architectural, social, legal, and political accounts of their contributions to the landscape of...

Historic Plantations of Alabamas Black Belt
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Once the center of agricultural prosperity in Alabama, the rich soil of the Black Belt still features beautiful homes that stand as a testimony to the region's proud heritage. Join author Jennifer Hale as she explores the history of seventeen of the finest plantation homes in Alabama's Black Belt. This book chronicles the original owners and slaves of the homes, and traces their descendants who continued to call these plantations home throughout the past two centuries. Discover why the...