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Historic Alabama Courthouses alabama history, history book, alabama courthouses
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Alabama’s oldest courthouses have witnessed a panorama of history. Historic Alabama Courthouses resurrects historical facts and images of buildings that were the centers of much of the state’s public life during its first century. Photographs of more than 120 buildings, the earliest that the author could find for each structure, are gathered in this significant volume along with historical, architectural, social, legal, and political accounts of their contributions to the landscape of...

Historic Plantations of Alabamas Black Belt
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Once the center of agricultural prosperity in Alabama, the rich soil of the Black Belt still features beautiful homes that stand as a testimony to the region's proud heritage. Join author Jennifer Hale as she explores the history of seventeen of the finest plantation homes in Alabama's Black Belt. This book chronicles the original owners and slaves of the homes, and traces their descendants who continued to call these plantations home throughout the past two centuries. Discover why the...

Honey Almond And Oats  soap, goat milk soap, honey almond
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Simply Making It: Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap in Honey Almond Contains: Goat Milk, Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lye, Essential Oils

I dont Want to Be Rich, Just Able
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In this intimate collection of poems, an African American writer and mother looks with compelling honesty at love, faith, family, and what it means to be a woman and an African American. Writing sometimes with an almost childlike awe of the world around her, Carol Prejean Zippert has created a work of unusual depth, balance, and beauty.Some of the poems are written in a musical patois that reflects the author’s early life in the Louisiana bayou country. Others draw on the civil rights...

I Was Born This Way
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Born with no arms or legs in December, 1970, Allison Wetherbee has faced challenges few could ever imagine. In the book, I Was Born This Way, her faith, courage and humor are shown as she tells the story of her life. The first part of this book describes her life defining moments including graduating from college with a master's degree, and working as a mental health therapist. The second part of this book is full of devotions and stories of inspiration.Allison currently enjoys her position as...

Illusions mixed media, painting, art work, wall art, art for the wall, hanging art
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Sharon Dozier incorporated oil paints, cold wax, and gold leaf to create this mixed media piece that helps dress up any wall.It measures 6" x 6".

Karmic Debt
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Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux has a debt to pay for killing Ross Hamilton-even though the crime was deemed self-defense. She accepts she can't take part in a murder without invoking some bad karma, which is why she isn't surprised when fate turns in the form of her accountant, Zachary Bradshaw, who steals her money and goes on the run.For help, Lizzy seeks friend and former Fbi agent, Victoria Fontana. Despite Victoria's best efforts, Zachary evades them, so Lizzy takes a job to supplement her...

King of the Garden king of the garden, rooster, chicken, painting, art for the wall, elizabeth reid
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This painting by artist Elizabeth Reid features a rooster an is 24 inches wide and 36 inches long.

Komorebi Light Shining Through
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In the ups and downs of life, for me the writing of a poem allows breakthrough, deeper understanding, and celebration or acceptance of a situation. I love sensing a poem taking shape in my head. This causes me to stop, listen, and write down what is there. I live more fully when I can express a situation, a scene, an emotion by writing a poem. Japan is the only place abroad I have visited, and it has provided several poems as well as the title of this book. Komorebi is my favorite Japanese...

Kudzu Oval Basket- Small
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This kudzu basket made by artist Jane Ellen Clark is 13 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 14 inches tall including handle.

Leaving Gees Bend
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"Leaving Gee's Bend is a beautifully written and Ms. Latham's use of the Southern vernacular of the era is flawless. The story is compelling and the strong-willed heroine, Ludelphina, stole my heart. Though dirt poor, the residents of this smaller than small Alabama town are drenched in dignity and faith. I couldn't put it down." - Brenda Woods, author of the Coretta Scott King Honor- winning The Red Rose BoxIrene Latham stitched her first sewing card when she was four years old. She lives in...

Letters from Alabama book, letters from alabama, alabama history, history
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This new and definitive edition of Letters from Alabama offers a valuable window into pioneer Alabama and the landscape and life-forms encountered by early settlers of the state.Phillip Henry Gosse (1810-1888), a British nationalist, left home at age seventeen and travelled to Canada before making his way to Alabama in 1838. He was employed by Judge Reuben Saffold and other planters near Pleasant Hill in Dallas County as a teacher for about a dozen children of local landowners, but his...