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Spring Jumper - Girls baby jumper, jumper, baby, jackie maness, spring jumper
Spring Jumper - Girls Price: $25.00
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Jackie Maness Item #: 10374 -

This jumper was handcrafted by artist Jackie Maness and is made to fit a 6 month old. It measures 17.5" long, 11.5" from arm hole to arm hole, and the straps are 2.5" wide.Each purchase comes with one (1) jumper. If you'd like to purchase a specific jumper, call us at (334) 682-9878 or leave a customer comment.

Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap soap, goat milk soap, face soap, tea tree oil, lemongrass
Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap Price: $5.45
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Laura Spencer Item #: 5829 -

Laura Spencer's Clarifying Facial Goat Milk Soap is infused with tea tree oil and lemongrass and is safe for your face. This product is handcrafted and naturally made at Spencer Farms in Marion Junction, Alabama. Contains: Goat Milk, Avocado Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lye, and Essential Oils

The Second Head of Chocalata
The Second Head of Chocalata Price: $15.00
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Set in South Alabama The Second Head of Chocalata is a series of short stories written about a man and a boy. The author wrote a few of these short stories as the boy recalled tales the man had told him about the hunting and fishing adventures of his youth around the Mobile area. Then the author tells the boy's life as he grew up hunting, fishing, water skiing, and frog gigging in and about the rivers and marshes of the Mobile River Delta and Mobile Bay. Some of the stories are serious, some...

The Tears and Laughter of a Southern Voice Calling  Tears, Laughter, Southern, Voice, Amanda, Walker, Books, Literature
The Tears and Laughter of a Southern Voice Calling Price: $21.50
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Amanda Walker Item #: 4354 -

Amanda Walker is a longtime columnist with, the Wilcox Progressive Era in Camden, Alabama, several regional papers. Her writing explores the elusive ups and downs of everyday life. She weaves and dances along the heartstrings thread through us all. She can be quite opinionated and delightfully humorous.Her book "The Tears and Laughter of a Southern Voice Calling" is a collection of short stories, writing, and collumns based off of experiences from life growing up in the south. ...

The Tombigbee River Steamboats
The Tombigbee River Steamboats Price: $22.99
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The Tombigbee River flows through the history of Alabama and Mississippi, connecting the Black Prairie cotton belt of northeast Mississippi and west Alabama to Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico. In the early 1800s, it became the regional artery of commerce and trade, with steamboats carrying cotton to the port of Mobile and then returning upriver with farm supplies and consumer goods. Today, the "rollodores," who rolled cotton bales down slides to the decks of boats; the sunken logs, or "dead...

The Woods at Barlow Bend woods at barlow bend, jodie cain smith, barlow bend, monroe county, frisco city, black belt, book
The Woods at Barlow Bend Price: $12.95
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One shot fired deep in the pine forests of her youth was all it took to change Hattie's life forever. At the age of fourteen, Hattie learns that her mother, Addie, is dead, and her father, Hubbard, stands accused of Addie's murder, along with countless other shocking betrayals. Overnight, Hattie becomes mother to her three siblings while still very much a child herself. The life she had dreamt of now seems impossible to achieve. How will Hattie break away from the father who prevents her from...

Three Hole Barnwood Church church, barnwood church, barn wood church,
Three Hole Barnwood Church Price: $79.95
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 255 -

Andrew McCall creates one-of-a-kind churches from reclaimed wood from across the Black Belt region. This church measures approximately 18" x 4.5" x 5".

Through Others Eyes
Through Others' Eyes Price: $24.95
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Through Others' Eyes includes descriptions of traveling to and from Montgomery, but it focuses on the travelers' descriptions of Montgomery itself. The twenty-eight published accounts between 1825 and 1861 were written by Americans and Europeans with a variety of backgrounds. A few are as objective as can reasonably be expected considering the short durations of the writers' visits. Some are prone to display their preconceptions and prejudices. Most exaggerate-they had to make their books...

Tiny Church - 1 hole barn wood, barnwood, church, woodwork, andrew mccall
Tiny Church - 1 hole Price: $18.95
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 12364 -

Andrew McCall: Tiny Church - 1 hole Andrew McCall demonstrates his amazing gift for woodworking with this Church made from reclaimed, whitewashed wood from an old barn. This piece is handcrafted with a pointed top, 1 openings in front and is 10inches tall. It would make a great addition to any home, office, or garden.

Tulips in Red tulips in red, tulips, flowers, painting, art for the wall, elizabeth reid
Tulips in Red Price: $425.00
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Elizabeth Reid Item #: 9063 -

Turquoise Necklace turquoise necklace, turquoise, necklace, beaded necklace
Turquoise Necklace Price: $74.95
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Lisa Lenox Item #: 9938 -

The pendant features Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Freshwater Pearls, and Lapis Lazuli set in Sterling Silver. The strand is beaded with Freshwater Pearls, Quartz Crystal Points, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstones, and Dragon Vein Jasper.

When the Dinner Bell Rings at the Governors Mansion
When the Dinner Bell Rings at the Governor's Mansion Price: $20.00
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When The Dinner Bell Rings is a delightful collection of recipes and personal stories from Alabama's First Family and friends.Join Alabama's top hostess Patsy Riley as she presents recipes served during grand dinners at the Governor's Mansion. She's also collected recipes from the other state's executive residences. Proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will help maintain the Governor's Mansion as well as benefit the 1910 Farley-Hill House, a "sister" home next door to the mansion. ...