Wilcox County

Stained Glass, Painting

Tyree McCloud refers to himself as a “renaissance man;” reinventing himself after having taught every age group over a period of eighteen years. McCloud returned home to Gees Bend to care for his elderly mother and aunt and restore the old family home. Since his return, he has discovered a new outlet for his creative abilities.  A veteran stained glass artist, Tyree began to paint murals of Gee’s Bend quilts, which had been featured on postage stamps. He is currently working on completion of the entire collection of stamps as murals and has begun to interpret the stamps in other forms.

Tyree is an artist who always pushes his medium to its limit, the results of which are most often challenging and fulfilling. He always seeks to find a new challenge in whatever medium with which he is working.

To view some his work take a trip along County Road 29 to Gee’s Bend in Wilcox County, Alabama.