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Jo Taylor is a potter and a fused glass artist. She doesn’t dig or process her clay, but purchases clay bodies that can take the thermal shock of Raku firing.” I don’t know how long it takes to create one piece because there are several steps from start to completion on the pottery pieces, as well as the glass pieces. It also depends on the size of the piece and whether it was either a hand built pottery piece or a thrown pottery piece. Glass pieces have to be cut, assembled, glued, fused, fired in a kiln and, possibly, slump fired in a mold to take on a form. I have never timed it,” she said.

Speaking with enthusiasm, Jo described her education leading up to her college degrees.” I had to take a Ceramic Hand-building class when I was working on an art education degree in the 1990’s.I found working in clay fascinating because what could be created in clay was virtually endless. It was also three-dimensional and the most challenging media I had ever worked with. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a pottery piece through all the steps successfully and seeing the metamorphosis of a lump of clay turned into a piece of art. What a kicker it is when all goes good!”

Jo received a B.S. in Art Education from Auburn University in Montgomery in 1998 and taught one year. While auditing classes at the University of Montevallo, her sculpture professor, Ted Metz, suggested that she return to school and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts.” That is exactly what I did,” said Jo.In 2005, after working 30 hours a week in Selma, commuting to Montevallo to take one or two classes a semester, Jo graduated, again. According to Jo “It was worth all the hard work.”

Always active, Jo attended workshops with the potters and clay artists Rick Berman, Lana Wilson, Charlie and Linda Riggs, and Val Cushing. In discussing her other talents, Jo has created watercolor and oil paintings, drawings, etchings and prints, cast bronze sculptures and sheet metal sculptures.

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Fused Glass Pendant fused glass, glass, glass pendant, fused glass pendant, pendant, glass jewelry, fused glass jewelry
Fused Glass Pendant Price: $22.95
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Hand crafted fused glass pendant by artist Jo Taylor.

White Crackle Raku Vase
White Crackle Raku Vase Price: $65.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 5610 -

This raku vase features a crackled look that adds a perfect amount of detail to a already beautiful vase.  It is a white color with added details of gray.Jo Taylor: White Crackle Raku Vase; approx 4.5" in height

White Crackle Raku Gourd Vase
White Crackle Raku Gourd Vase Price: $70.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 9410 -

This raku vase features a crackled look that adds a perfect amount of detail to a already beautiful vase. It is a white color with added details of gray.Jo Taylor- White Crackle Gourd Vase, approx. 7.5 inches

8" White Raku Platter
8" White Raku Platter Price: $57.00
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This truly breathtaking raku platter is a gorgeous white color.  It measures about 8" and is crafted by Jo Taylor of Dallas County.  This piece is a great addition to your pottery collection, and if you do not have one, it is the perfect platter to start.Jo Taylor: 8" White Raku Platter