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Clay Artists

Jimmy and Peggy are carrying on the legacy left to them by Frankie Dailey, Jimmy’s mother. Although the husband and wife team have only been working on their own without the meticulous, watchful eye of their mentor Miss Frankie, they are developing their own style while following her teachings. At one time, Miss Frankie and her sister worked together on their craft on Sand Mountain, but she wanted to stay in her home in Camden, where her family could help her – thus the tradition began.

Their primary focus is creating angels, crosses and snowmen out of polymer clay purchased from craft suppliers. They roll the clay together: then Jimmy cuts pieces with cookie cutters; Peggy cuts from paper patterns, puts heads on the angels and snowmen and paints the pieces. The items are fired in their kiln two times, which makes the process take about six days from start to finish. All the while, they are mindful of the meticulous, hard judgment of their mentor.

Peggy says that the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of their craft is being able to work together as a team, and watching the smiles and the desire to touch their items from people that are viewing their work.

Besides showing in the Black Belt Treasures Gallery, their work can be found at Prime Time in Hoover.

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End Table
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Jimmy Dailey: End Table  Length: approx. 26" Width: approx. 20"  Height: approx. 22" This lovely, hand built end table would look great in a variety of places around your home. The epoxy resin table top gives this piece a beautiful glass look. This unique end table would only enhance your home's beauty. This table is not available for shipping.