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Greenchairclay is the studio name of ceramic artist, Randy Shoults, who currently lives in Montgomery. Shoults has a BS in printmaking and photography from Troy State University and a MA in painting and ceramics from the University of Alabama. He has worked for fourteen years as a college art instructor, twenty-five years as an arts administrator, and has recently returned full time to his studio.

When he isn’t creating art, Shoults is a bicycle rider, music/movie/book lover, and doting father and grandfather. These days, he works primarily in clay, but sometimes is inspired to work in a combination of media. The theme of his work is about function, good design, and a unique use of color and texture. All of his work is made from very durable stoneware clay – and all glazes are developed and made by Shoults, and then fired to cone 6 (high fire). This leads to strong work that is dishwasher and microwave safe. While most of his work is part of a limited series, no two items are ever exactly alike!

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Soup Bowl pottery, ceramics, soup bowl, bowl
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These hand crafted bowls by potter Randy Shoults are approximately 5"x3". They are made with a white clay and are glazed in deep green. These bowls are food and microwave safe.