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Mary Croley did not have the privilege of art classes when she was a youngster, but she instinctively knew that she was an artist. While in college, she took as many art classes as she could squeeze into her schedule and spent a summer studying under Woody Ishmael. To continue her studies, Mary uses books to help her learn the techniques and characteristics of other artists. She believes that art comes from inside an artist and demands to be let out in various forms.

Mary has used oils, pen and ink, and watercolor to express herself. She does not paint photo-realism, but prefers loose, thick, wet on wet oils and the wet paper techniques of watercolors. Her cypress knee creatures are created from the root extensions of the bald cypress trees, which grow in swampy areas. After boiling the root and skinning the bark, Mary lets it dry thoroughly and waits for the shape of the knee to suggest the end product. She paints the creature using an acrylic wash paint technique.

Mary’s art work is also available at arts and crafts shows and the Crepe Myrtle Gallery in Greenville.

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Hummingbird mary croley, bird, hummingbird, alcohol ink,
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Mary Croley: Hummingbird; Alcohol Ink on Tile/Board Mounted; approx. 5"x5"; signed by the artist 

Cardinal  mary croley, bird, cardinal, alcohol ink,
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This cardinal is a bold red color.  It is perched on a wooden stick.  Behind the cardinal, you can see the sky with little spots of yellow.Mary Croley: Cardinal; Alcohol Ink on Tile/Mounted Board; approx. 5"x5"; signed by the artist