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Rosie Floyd has always enjoyed working with her hands, either in her chosen profession as a hair-dresser or in the many flowerbeds around her home. A few years ago, she decided to try her hand at pottery as a way to escape from her everyday life and as an expression of her creativity. Rosie began lessons with Cynthia Dahlstrom and became enthralled with the earthiness of clay.

Rosie creates her pottery in a workshop in her barn. She uses her view of the countryside and her nature loving self to inspire her work. Her mostly decorative pieces are colored in her favorite earth tones. The face vases Rosie makes are designed to be unique reflections of her personality. A favorite of Rosie’s is her “leather” collection. These pieces are textured to mimic leather both in look and feel.

Rosie’s pottery is also available at arts and crafts shows in the area and soon to be on display in her new studio.

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Mail Holder rosie floyd, mail holder, Black Belt Treasure,
Mail Holder Price: $21.50
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Item #: 11360 -

You've got mail! This mail holder will hold everything from bills to spam.  It has a beautiful butterfly detail on the front and a cool vine-like indention as well.  It is metal and a earthy brown tone.Rosie Floyd: Mail Holder

4 pc. Bowl Set
4 pc. Bowl Set Price: $42.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 7680 -

This set of bowls are a great addition to your dishware set.  They come in four different sizes and are an opaque black color.  You will be sure to enjoy anything from cereal to soup in these bowls.Rosie Floyd: 4 pc. Bowl Set, signed by the artist

Clown Vase rosie floyd, clown, pottery, clown vase, vase
Clown Vase Price: $42.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 5769 -

This vase is a such a fun and cool piece.  From the top to the bottom, the artist decorated the vase with a stripe of orange, yellow, and blue.  The main portion of the vase is a lively lime green color.  You can see the face of a clown on one side complete with a bowtie, and on the other is a diamond, club, and diamond.  You will be sure to smile each time you see this clown vase.Rosie Floyd: Clown Vase, approx. 12", signed by the artist

Face Vase rosie floyd, face vase, vase, pottery
Face Vase Price: $42.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 884 -

This face vase is a earthy brown color.  It has a detailed outline of a face, from wrinkly eyes to a defined nose.  This vase is a great and cool piece that you will fall in love with.Rosie Floyd: Face Vase; approx. 10", signed by the artist 

Pottery Perfume Bottle  rosie floyd,  perfume bottle, pottery, pottery perfume bottle, bottle
Pottery Perfume Bottle Price: $25.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 7679 -

Bringing you back to Roman times, this perfume bottle will give you royalty vibes.  It's brown color is a gorgeous earthy tone.  This piece will look great on your makeup vanity.Rosie Floyd: Pottery Perfume Bottle; approx. 3", signed by the artist 

Assorted Small Bowl  rosie floyd, bowl, assorted bowl, small bowl, assorted small bowl, pottery,
Assorted Small Bowl Price: $14.95
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Item #: 3344 -

This bowl is a nice neutral color.  It is full of little glittery speckles that are such a pretty detail.  It also has a thin indention going through the middle of the bowl.Rosie Floyd: Assorted Small Bowls; signed by the artist 

Blue Soup Bowl  rosie floyd, pottery, blue, soup bowl, blue soup bowl, blue bowl,
Blue Soup Bowl Price: $17.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 11363 -

Crackers and soup... everyone's favorite comfort meal.  Whether you are feeling sick, or you just want to warm up with some chicken noodle soup, this bowl will hold a thing of Saltines and a can of Campbell's.  It is a calming blue color with bubble-like pops of lighter blue and has a scalloped ridge that separates the two sections. Rosie Floyd: Blue Soup Bowl; aprrox. 8.5"x2"; signed by the artist 

Pottery Spoon Rest
Pottery Spoon Rest Price: $7.50
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Item #: 7677 -

This small bright orange spoon rest is so fun.  It has the outline of a star with lines around it.  The spoon rest is ceramic, so it is great to put hot spoons on.Rosie Floyd: Pottery Spoon Rest; approx. .5"x4.5"; signed by the artist