Clarke County

Custom Duck Calls

David Gaston considers himself most fortunate to have grown up in a hunting community. He has been an avid hunter since he was a very young boy, enjoying the outdoors as an extension of who he is. Living near the Alabama River afforded him the opportunity to experience duck hunting, and instilled a lifelong connection to the outdoors.

After first making turkey calls, David decided to try his hand at duck calls, just to see if he could. Nearly thirty years later, David’s duck calls are world renowned for their craftsmanship and intonation. His custom calls have won numerous duck calling competitions and are used around the world. His calls are made from wood and acrylic. David’s favorite wood for his duck calls is bois d’ arc (commonly called mock orange). He says a hunter’s experience is the only way to get the correct tone for an effective call. It takes a true call-maker to hear and feel the perfect tone.

David’s duck calls are also available on his website