Clarke County

Sewing and Handwork

Linda said that she is always getting involved in a new craft.  She has made sports coats for her husband and clothes for her little boys, but she loved making pretty bonnets for her first granddaughter.  She said that every one she made was prettier than the last “so I started selling them”.  She always has a “project in progress” because friends and customers call her for new pieces.

Although she had no special training, she was inspired by her mother and grandmother who sewed for the public.  She said that her parents, her grandmother and great-grandmother handed down beautiful handwork to her.  She said that The Workbasket magazine was a staple in her family.

Linda said that everywhere she has gone on vacation or “gallivanting” for the last eight to ten years she looks for pretty linens to make baby things.  Among her collection she has pillowcase dresses, Battenberg hats, eyelet bonnets, hanky purses and bonnets, or whatever someone asks for, she will try to come up with something pretty.

“I love pleasing customers and try to make them feel they are getting something special, and a good deal too”, she said.  Linda said that word of mouth is her best advertising, and her “shop” is located in her utility room, and her back door is her delivery point. “There is usually something hanging on my doorknob!”