Sam and Martha Dees

Monroe County

Sam and Martha Dees find that being married and working together on a daily basis gives them the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and still create furniture that they both love. While Sam did work in the wood industry for many years, he and Martha are both self-taught wood workers. They have an outdoor shop at their home where they create their furniture. Sam says, “We roll ‘em for the legs, cup ‘em for the bottom, and tilt ‘em for the back.”

Sam and Martha create outdoor furniture because they love the relaxed, comfortable aspect of outdoor living. They use cypress for its durability and color. The Dees’ purchase planed cypress boards that they cut and sand themselves. Martha makes sure that the furniture is assembled using wood that has the same color tones. Their uniquely designed lumbar rocking chair is created with vertical curved slats that provide correct support for backs and necks.

Sam & Martha’s outdoor furniture is available at their workshop in Peterman and at the many crafts shows they attend throughout the nation.

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This stunning cutting board measures 18" x 14" and was hand crafted by artists Sam and Martha Dees.Woods used for the boards are: Red Oak, Oak, Cedar, Ash, Black Walnut, Sycarmore, and Cherry. Boards are a mixer of 3 to 4 of these woods.