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    Stacy Little gives Southerners a good name. He's the sort of native you'd like to trade stories with, over a glass of sweet tea... and a slice of coconut cake, while you're at it! This Alabama boy knows the treasured staples of the Southern kitchen, and his approach to cooking will remind you of why food and family are so central to this region's culture. As author of the popular Southern Bite blog, Little celebrates the South's cuisine one recipe at a time. A loving homage to the vibrant flavors of a culinary tradition, The Southern Bite Cookbook journeys through four generations of Little's family recipe collection, while honoring dozens of heirloom recipes from many of his loyal blog readers. Throughout these pages is a legacy of love- the remarkable power of food to nurture relationships and create lasting memories. The Southern Bite Cookbook pays tribute to the South's culinary tradition and the generations of home cooks who have kept it alive.

    Stacey Little is a food blogger with a big following and an even bigger love for Southern food. He grew up refusing bowls of ice cream for bowls of collard greens.
    From the time he was old enough to bang on pots and pans, Stacey has found himself in the kitchen. He grew up tugging on the apron strings of three of the most influential women in his life - his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother - and credits much of his success to their love and guidance.

    Today, his easy, delicious recipes and heartfelt stories have brought millions to his blog,, since he created it in 2008.

    Stacey's deep Southern roots have him firmly planted in central Alabama where he lives with his wife, little boy, two dogs, and his collection of cast iron skillets.