Clarke County

Wood Work

Larry Gates worked in the timber industry from an early age up to his retirement. We learned that a run in with a chainsaw and an unseen hole at the end of his shift probably led to an early retirement. Like so often happens when work stops, new interests come along. In Larry’s case it was the love of working with anything that included the end product of trees.

Ideas began forming to make furniture – especially tables and benches. Cedar, poplar and red oak are Larry’s favored materials. Many of his ideas for pieces of furniture come from television, phone calls and “here and there” Larry stated. A piece of furniture can be completed in two to three days, depending on the size. Two tables, a large dining table and a coffee table, only stayed in our gallery two days from his initial placement. On his second visit to Black Belt Treasures, a coffee table and a live edged bench sold right off his trailer.