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Caitlin grew up watching her mother, Lisa Lenox, create a variety of jewelry, pottery pieces and wall hangings that have been displayed in the BBT Gallery for many years. She is following in the footsteps of a very talented artist.

Living in the Black Belt region has given Caitlin inspiration, because as she said “I always try to find inspiration in the rich cultural history that is available in the Black Belt.” Living in Montgomery she has access to vintage jewelry and jewelry findings, as well as antique stores and craft/hobby shops where she finds her necessary supplies for constructing her jewelry.

Caitlin said that she started making jewelry during 2020 when she was looking for something less distracting during the pandemic, and something that would be productive. “I love seeing my end product and I enjoy seeing others loving and wearing my art.”

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Caitlin Lenox: Southern Minimalistic Earrings (Various Styles) Each order comes with 1 pair. Each piece of jewelry is a unique, one-of-a-kind, work of wearable art that is also available in our gallery. Please call us at 334-682-9878 to confirm availability before purchasing.