Our Guild Members’ contributions make the arts possible in Alabama’s Black Belt region. Thank you for your commitment. We recognize your support is invaluable; we could not support our artists and our communities without you.


2022-2023 BBTCAC Guild Membership
October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023
*updated 03/06/2023

Sustainer | $10,000 & Up

Philanthropist | $5,000 to 9,999

Benefactor | $1,000 to 4,999

Dorothy A. Nunn Evangelistic Trust

Mrs. Linda Munoz

Sponsor | $500 to 999

Patron | $250 to 499

Mrs. Jean Creswell

Mr. Mike Handley

Dr. Tina Jones

Ms. Jo Frances Meyer

Ms. Tara Sartorius

Associate | $100 to 249

Mrs. Sarah Crum Blackwell

Mr. Steven Chappel

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Creswell

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tod Echler

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lambert

Friend | $25 to 99

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Burford

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moseley 

Artist | $25 & Up

In Kind 

Memorial Contributions 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Creswell

In Memory of Lathrop Smith
In Memory of John Martin

In Honor of Judy Martin

Dr. Tina Jones

In Memory of Lathrop Smith
In Memory of John Martin



2021-2022 BBTCAC Guild Membership
October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022 
*updated 09/26/2022

Sustainer | $10,000 & Up

In Memory of Freddie Armstead | Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission

Philanthropist | $5,000 to 9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop Smith

Benefactor | $1,000 to 4,999

Ms. Lucy Hicks

In Memory of Rebecca Ann Guy Holland | Dr. Richard Holland

In Memory of Palmer Hamilton | Mr. and Mrs. Lee Moore

Sponsor | $500 to 999

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ballard

Ms. Haden G. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Terry McCartney

Patron | $250 to 499

Ms. Claire Beard

Clarke-Washington Electric Membership Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Creswell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ellis

Dr. Tina Naremore Jones

In Honor of Sulynn Creswell | Mr. and Mrs. Judy Martin

Mr. William D. Melton

In Honor of Tut Riddick | Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Munoz

In Honor of Barbara Starling Neal | Mr. and Mrs. Scottie Myers

Associate | $100 to 249

Mr. and Mrs. Dortch

In Memory of Mr. Lafette and Mrs Bessie Mae Tennor | Ms. Brenda T. Autry

Mr. and Mrs. Max Baggett

Mr. Brett Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Bennett

Dr. and Mrs. Sumpter Blackmon

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bullock

In Memory of Peyton Burford, Jr. | Mrs. Gerry Burford

Ms. Rhonda Chambers

Mr. Steven Chappel

Mr. and Mrs. John Creswell

In Memory of Mark H. Curl | Mr. and Mrs. Billy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dobson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tod Echler

Ms. Grace C. Finkel

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Goodrich

Mr. Mike Handley

Mr. D. R. Henderson

In Honor of Mary Forrest Bell & Callie Hollinger | Mr. and Mrs. Billy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Les Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson

Mrs. Roberta Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeanie Lambert

Ms. Kathy Law

In Memory of Will and Viola Liddell | Mr. and Mrs. Will Liddell

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McIntosh

Piggly Wiggly| Mr. and Mrs. Sage Smoker

Ms. Shanna Ratner

Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Rogers

Ms. Kate Schutt

In Honor of Garland and Lathrop Smith | Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart

Ms. Laura Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Ziebach


Friend | $25 to 99

Ms. Heather Agee

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Agee

In Honor of Gerald and Eloise Anderson | Dr. Gerald A. Anderson II

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Anderson

Ms. Anita Arnett

Mr. Paul Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. John Baumhauer

In Honor of Garland Smith | Ms. Juliet Beale

In Honor of Lathrop and Garland Smith | Ms. Mary E. Camp Boulware

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bell

Ms. Libby Bruce

Ms. Margaret Caffey

Ms. Claudia Charley

Mrs. Lindsay Cook

Mrs. Shelley Dale

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Daniels

Mr. Robert Davis

Ms. Sheila Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Rickey Elliott

Ms. Jasmine Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Flynt

Ms. Kimberly Fondren

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gaddy

Ms. Karen Grimes

Mr. Allen Ham

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Harris

Ms. Heidi Helmer

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Henry

Ms. Christine Hill

Mr. Fleet Hollinger

Mrs. Amanda Hollinger

Ms. Jeannie Bush Hollinger

Mrs. Virginia Hollinger

Ms. Evelyn Holtzapfel

Ms. Jodie James

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen James

Ms. Kitty Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnson

Ms. Karon Clary Jones

Ms. Jessica Jones

Ms. Martha Jones

Mr. Bob Jordan

Ms. Rochelle Kaplen

Ms. Betty Kennedy

Ms. Cornelia Kyser

Mr. and Mrs. John Lamkin

Mr. and Mrs. John Latham

Mr. and Mrs. James Lee

Mr. Freddy Leiterman

Mrs. Martha Lockett

Ms. Michelle Macdonald

Gladys and Mary Mason

Mr. Robert Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGilberry

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Murray

Pompey & Pompey, P.C.

Ms. Rachel Rogers

Ms. Debbie Ruland

Mr. Edward Salter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Selsor

Mr. Marc Skvirsky

Mrs. Gita Smith

Mrs. Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews

In Memory of Louise Williams | Dr. Robert M. Williams

Ms. Donna Windsor

Ms. Mary Lois Woodson

Ms. Anne Farrell McKelvey Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ziebach


Artist | $25 & Up

Mrs. Marilyn Ammons

Mr. and Mrs. Evin Lee Andress

Ms. Betty Bain and Ms. April McCartney

Mr. Marlin C. Barton, III

Ms. Lolita Dickinson

Mrs. Tanya Dunnam

Ms. Andrea Windham Guy

Mrs. Karen Hamm

Mr. Mike Handley

Mr. Chet Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. George Kyser

In Honor of Maddox Decker & Samantha Cook | Mrs. Kristin Law Cook

Ms. Mary McCarthy

Mrs. Mary Virginia Pettway

Mrs. Jackie Sharp

Mr. Randy Shoults

Ms. Sarah Wagoner

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Watson

Mr. Sam Williams

In Kind

Mr. Bill Bugg

Mr. Stephen James

Foundations & Organizations

Black Belt Community Foundation

Community Foundation of South Alabama

The Gratitude Foundation


Mrs. Marilyn Ammons

Ms. Betty Anderson

Miss Mary Forrest Bell

Mr. Marcus Campbell

Miss Samantha Cook

Mrs. Donna Couch

Miss Shetoria Dale

Mrs. Frankie Gaddy

Mrs. Mary Glenn Grant

Mrs. Jacqueline Hives

Dr. Tina N. Jones

Mrs. Olivia Martin

Ms. Michelle Macdonald

Ms. Nisa Miranda

Mrs. Sarah H. Moore

Mr. Rhondel Rhone

Mr. John Clyde Riggs

Mr. Randy Shoults

Mrs. Garland Smith

Miss Barrett Travis

*updated January 30, 2023. Please note: We strive for accuracy in preparing this report. If your name has been omitted or incorrectly reported, please accept our sincere apology and notify BBTCAC staff.