The mission of Black Belt Treasures Cultural Art Center is to foster, develop, and promote economic development initiatives aimed at creating jobs and increasing the income of local residents through the marketing of arts, crafts, literature, food products, and other items unique to Alabama's Black Belt and to cultivate and provide arts education in the region.

Through this mission, BBTCAC holds the following Goals:

A. Cultivate an enhanced regional economy through arts-related jobs and tourism stimulation, with an emphasis on showcasing the creative spirit and marketing the heritage arts and culture of Alabama’s Black Belt.

This goal is currently being accomplished through:

  • Satellite artist incubator/studios and on-going business development programming opportunities for artists across the region. 
  • BBTCAC’s physical campus that includes a gallery-store, large multi-use education center, artist studios, art support industry space, and exhibit and festival space.

B. Become a region-wide venue for arts education, revolving around the preservation of the region’s heritage arts and culture, with area residents and visiting artists active in a flourishing arts environment incorporating exhibits, workshops, demonstrations, and celebrations.

This goal is currently being accomplished by the following:

  • Partnerships with individuals and organizations to provide arts education opportunities in all nineteen counties. 
  • Hosting cultural exchange activities in celebration of the arts, heritage, and multiculturalism of Alabama’s contemporary Black Belt region.