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“I am almost always carrying a small piece of wax around. There are small pieces of wax ‘starts’ all over the house. My wife Linda is amazingly tolerant.” Charlie states that he is primarily concerned with the human figure as his subject and that most of his small sculptures are in bronze, and a few are cast iron. But, all originals are done in microcrystalline wax. His figures are usually 6” to 12” tall, and he works slowly.

As a child growing up in New Orleans, Charlie started casting bullets until that became repetitive and he moved on to lead figures. He also played with clay that he dug up in their New Orleans yard. His inspiration and encouragement in art came from a painting instructor at Livingston State (now the University of West Alabama). Charlie then studied cello and music history at the University of Alabama where he earned a Masters of Music Degree in 1972.

Charlie has passed on his knowledge of art and music by teaching jewelry making to children at the Meridian Museum of Art, and cello and violin in various locations. His art works have been on display at: The Palazzo Casal in Cortona, Italy; the University of Georgia; the Meridian Museum, Meridian, MS; the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art; Coleman Center, York, AL; the University of West Alabama, and other locations.

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Charlie Munoz: Sterling Silver Ginko Leaf; signed by the artist Each leaf is hand cut and carved from a sheet of 0.925 sterling silver. Each order comes with 1 necklace. Each piece of jewelry is a unique, one-of-a-kind, work of wearable art that is also available in our gallery. Please call us at 334-682-9878 to confirm availability before purchasing.