Hale County


Chet Jordan started his creative expression when he said he “traced the Sunday comics” when he was in the 4th grade in school. No art classes were offered when he was in high school. In 1995 he was offered a commercial art scholarship to Shelton State Community College which he said “didn’t last long” and he lost interest in art. He drew and painted occasionally until “quarantine and boredom started my next journey in art.”

Describing Chet’s paintings and how they came about is an interesting journey into his landscapes. His descriptions in his own words are: “I use canvas, acrylic paint, 6 brushes, and my finger…I paint what I know if that makes sense. I use social media for inspiration…James Spann has posted pictures of beautiful sunsets…The Black Warrior River…The Moundville Native American Park and Hale County farmland are in most of my pieces.”

“I paint what I know and the Black Belt is where I am from and never plan to leave. Alabama is a beautiful place and there’s so much to see.” Well said Chet Jordan.

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Turtles On A Log turtles on a log, chet jordan, acrylic, neon,
Turtles On A Log Price: $225.95
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Chet Jordan: Turtles On A Log; acrylic on canvas; 12"x16"; signed by the artist

Whitetail Watering Hole chet jordan, hale county, whitetail watering hole, acrylic
Whitetail Watering Hole Price: $225.95
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Chet Jordan: Whitetail Watering Hole; signed by the artist; 12"x16"; acrylic on canvas

Alabama Evening chet jordan, alabama evening, acrylic painting on canvas,
Alabama Evening Price: $195.95
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Chet Jordan: Alabama Evening; signed by the artist; 10"x20"; acrylic on canvas

Alabama Egrets chet jordan, alabama egrets, acrylic,
Alabama Egrets Price: $195.95
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Chet Jordan: Alabama Egrets; acrylic on canvas; signed by the artist; 11"x20"

Black Warrior River Sunset  chet jordan, acrylic, black warrior river sunset,
Black Warrior River Sunset Price: $250.00
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Chet Jordan: Black Warrior Sunset; acrylic on canvas; 16"x20"