Wilcox County

Fiber Arts

Cynthia said her pieced creations “are original designs that comes straight from my head. I believe in a higher power (God); He gives me an image and I use my rotary cutter as my guide”. She said she “works on her pieces strictly from home, usually after an exhausting day of work. I’m usually creating into the wee hours of the morning. Once I start cutting, then sewing, then cutting, a finished product is produced.”

Materials used are cotton, polycotton, denim as well as purchased or donated fabrics. Cynthia said “I’ve been fortunate enough to find some through my thrifting adventures.” As to the length of time it takes to create one of her pieces, “It usually takes about 4-5 hours, sometimes longer. It really depends on the design I am trying to depict to my audience” she explained.

Although Cynthia said she had no special training in her craft, she was inspired by “my mentor/master teacher as I have titled her” (Mary Ann Pettway). “I watched her as she created her works of art, and later she showed me how she worked her magic…how she put pieces together to create the designs.”

Cynthia said that “the most rewarding aspect (of creating) is the finished product. The most enjoyable aspect is the serenity, peace of mind, relaxation.” As to the influence of living in the Black Belt she receives is “It has helped me gain a deeper appreciation of art and design. It has helped me to realize that I’m talented in many areas of my life.”


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Juneteenth Designz cynthia pettway, quilt, quilted jewelry box, jewelry box,
Juneteenth Designz Price: $107.00
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Cynthia Pettway: Juneteenth Designz - Jewelry Box; signed by the artist

Jewelry Box - "Free" cynthia pettway, quilt, jewelry box, pieced quilt,
Jewelry Box - "Free" Price: $107.00
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Cynthia Pettway: Jewelry Box - "Free"; signed by the artist

Sew Sew cynthia pettway, quilt, quilted piece,
Sew Sew Price: $85.95
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Cynthia Pettway: Sew Sew; signed by the artist; framed; 4"x6"

Straight Out of Gees Bend - 1 cynthia pettway, quilt, quilted piece, framed quilt piece,
Straight Out of Gee's Bend - 1 Price: $350.00
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Cynthia Pettway: Straight Out of Gee Bend - 1; signed by the artist; framed; 13"x16"