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Doris began watching her “mother make quilts out of necessity” and was inspired by other women in her community as they formed quilting bees. She also stated that she has other family members who quilt, but she said she has not received any special training in the craft.

Doris relies on her imagination in creating images for quilt patterns as well as past quilting experiences. Traditional styles and patterns used for more than three generations, “are still my biggest influence in creating my quilt patterns.” Living in the Black Belt and the quilting experience it offers throughout Alabama and beyond, continues inspiring her quilting process. She enjoys the “meditative attributes, relaxation and a sense of accomplishment” that her craft has allowed.

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Grandmamas Choice Quilt doris, quilt, brown, doris pettway hacketts, brown quilt, gandmamas choice quilt,
Grandmama's Choice Quilt Price: $500.00
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Doris Pettway Hacketts: Grandmama's Choice Quilt (Brown, Black, White); 28.5"x32"; signed by the artist

Road to Arkansas road to arkansas, doris pettway hacketts, blue, quilt, blue quilt,
Road to Arkansas Price: $425.00
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Doris Pettway Hacketts: Road to Arkansas Quilt (variety of blues); 24"x24"; signed by the artist

Brick Layer Quilt  doris pettway hacketts, brick layer quilt, spring colors,
Brick Layer Quilt Price: $650.00
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Doris Pettway Hacketts: Brick Layer Quilt (Spring Blue Flower, Green, Yellow, Blue); 45"x37.5"