Wilcox County

Tina Foster & Velma Richards are two incredibly talented individuals who have created a one-of-a-kind outlet called, “Fur & Feathers of Miller's Ferry”. Their passion for nature and the outdoors is evident in every product they create, as they take great care to source all of their materials from the black belt region.

What sets their products apart is their focus on using only naturally sourced materials, ensuring that every item in their collection is not only beautiful but also sustainable. From stunning boxes to feather fans, their products are a testament to their attention to detail and their commitment to creating something truly unique.

Velma & Tina are a truly dynamic duo, constantly bouncing creative ideas off each other and working together to bring their vision to life. Their partnership was born out of a shared love for the outdoors, and their creative spark was ignited after one simple project. Since then, “Fur & Feather of Miller's Ferry” has grown into a thriving outlet, that continues to inspire others.

Their belief that teamwork makes the dream work is evident in the success of their partnership. They have big plans for the future of their creations, and as they expand their product line and reach more customers, their passion for nature and creativity will continue to drive their success.

In the end, Fur & Feathers of Miller's Ferry is more than just a outlet. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and a deep love for the natural world.

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Fur & Feather Desk Decor fur and feather of millers ferry, millers ferry, fur and feather, fur and feather desk decor,
Fur & Feather Desk Decor Price: $19.50
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Fur & Feathers of Miller's Ferry; Fur & Feather Desk Decor

Turkey Feather on Wood fur and feather of millers ferry, millers ferry, fur and feather, turkey feather on wood,
Turkey Feather on Wood Price: $75.00
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Fur & Feathers of Miller's Ferry: Turkey Feather on Wood; signed by the artist; approx. 20"x6"x1"