Author: K.T. Archer

Montgomery County, Alabama

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    Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux has a debt to pay for killing Ross Hamilton-even though the crime was deemed self-defense. She accepts she can't take part in a murder without invoking some bad karma, which is why she isn't surprised when fate turns in the form of her accountant, Zachary Bradshaw, who steals her money and goes on the run.

    For help, Lizzy seeks friend and former Fbi agent, Victoria Fontana. Despite Victoria's best efforts, Zachary evades them, so Lizzy takes a job to supplement her income until the culprit can be caught. She soon notices her new boss is covering up Medicare fraud, and although she needs the job, she knows turning a blind eye only means more bad karma.

    Then, a spot of good news: Victoria has located Zachary in South America-but it's too late. His arrogance made him the target of a corrupt criminal group who demands the money he stole. To save his own life, he names Lizzy as his connection to the cash, and now she's a target. To save Lizzy, Victoria will jeopardize homeland security, but if all goes to plan, good karma will finally take charge.