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Mary Caine said that “God gave me a talent and I am so thankful”. Her materials are obtained from “doing estate sales where so many small items are left and I saved them in boxes” with plans to put them to good use. She had been in the antique business for 45 years, owning her own business for eleven years. She collected tin ware, aluminum items, beads, wire, tea pots, colanders, sifters, kitchen items and garden watering cans.

After gathering various pieces, she matches them by their former usage, such as spoons, tea kettles and cups, etc. She has created more than 300 wind chimes to date. She said she has “grown to love anything handmade and created out of unused items.”

Mary has three children and seven grandchildren. “My husband is a retired catfish farmer that loves the Lord – Praise God!” She said she “loves to stay busy… and has created jobs for myself all this time.”

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Brown Enamel Coffee Pot Mary D. Caine, windchime, brown enamel coffee pot windchime,
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Mary D. Caine: Brown Enamel Coffee Pot Windchime #206

Revere Bowls Mary D. Caine, windchime, revere bowls,
Revere Bowls Price: $31.45
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Mary D. Caine: Revere Bowls #38

Black Grader w/ Lady Bug mary d caine, black grader with lady bug
Black Grader w/ Lady Bug Price: $31.50
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Mary D. Caine: Black Grader w/ Lady Bug