Nancy S. Griffin

Dallas County

Fractal Burned Wood Work

A fractal burned wooden art piece begins by placing an electrolyte solution on a wooden object or piece of wood. The piece is then shocked with high voltage electricity of 2,000 up to 5,000 volts that follows a drawn image on the wood. This controversial dangerous, potentially deadly process is also known as Lichtenberg burning. This process works by passing two electrodes along the solution that conducts the electricity.

Dallas County artist Nancy Griffin’s work represented in the BBT Gallery began when a friendship turned into a collaboration with Stephen Pohl of Montgomery in 2020. Nancy said “the story behind this art…and our friendship” is that she sources the wood that “talks to her”, she cleans the chosen piece for Stephen to begin the burning process. Start to finish is a fifteen to thirty-hour process.

Nancy said she has “been making things for years and wanted to do something I had not seen around here. I don’t know how I got the gift. I can look at something and can just about make anything.” Her only training must have started at an early age while watching her father and family build and remodel homes. She said her dad always liked watching her make things, and her love of wood came from knowing the wood was God’s creation.

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Wooden Keychain Nancy S. Griffin, wooden keychains, woodwork,
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Nancy S. Griffin: Wooden Keychain

Crown of Thorns Cross Nancy Griffin, wooden cross, electra wood, crown of thorns cross, crown of thorns,
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Nancy Griffin: Crown of Thorns Cross; 13"

Lichtenberg Birdhouse  nancy griffin, lichtenberg, lichtenberg birdhouse, teapot birdhouse,
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Nancy Griffin: Lichtenberg Birdhouse; signed by the artist; approx. 19"x6"x5"