Washington County


“So I tried…”

Three simple words, but three simple words that Washington County, Alabama artist Peggy Lewis uses when asked about her inspiration in becoming an artist. Peggy shared about a landscape painting that she saw at her dentist’s office many years ago. A painting that she loved, and asked his assistant about. Who painted this beautiful painting? “I did”, the dental assistant replied. “I didn’t know you painted” Peggy replied. “I didn’t know either…until I tried”. Peggy said that those words stayed with her, tucked away, but close at hand. Until one day she took them back out and “tried to paint”.

Peggy considers her painting a passion, not necessarily a talent, but that is a trait Peggy shares with many artists in Alabama’s Black Belt – creating something from nothing, and creating that something with passion.

The Black Belt region also inspires Peggy’s subject matter, from regional birds to the landscape around here – she paints what she sees and loves. Her medium of choice is most often painting, but her canvas varies from found materials, slate, and historic architectural remnants to store-bought canvases and panels.

And Peggy never forgets how she was inspired to “try” by that dental assistant years ago and tries to pass on the same encouragement and inspiration to those around her. “You couldn’t write your name before you tried…”, so why not try something you love!

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Cardinal on Slate peggy lewis, cardinal on slate
Cardinal on Slate Price: $71.50
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Peggy Lewis: Cardinal on Slate; Signed by Artist

Magnolia Under Moonlight peggy lewis, magnolia under moonlight, acrylic on wood
Magnolia Under Moonlight Price: $125.00
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Peggy Lewis: Magnolia Under Moonlight; Signed by Artist

Birds on Tin Tile peggy lewis, birds on tin tile
Birds on Tin Tile Price: $71.50
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Peggy Lewis: Birds on Tin Tile; Signed by Artist

The Open Gate on Old Bread Bowl peggy lewis, the open gate on old bread bowl, paint
The Open Gate on Old Bread Bowl Price: $225.00
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Item #: 14118 -

Peggy Lewis: The Open Gate on Old Bread Bowl; Signed by Artist

Generations - Oil on Canvas peggy lewis, generations, oil painting on canvas
Generations - Oil on Canvas Price: $295.00
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Peggy Lewis: Generations - Oil Painting on Canvas; Signed by artist