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Phalecia uses her phone captured photos “to take pictures of people, places and things that I find interesting…to create paintings from the images.” Using acrylic paints on canvas, she said “I’m usually sitting on the couch or floor when I paint. I draw the outline first and I usually take a day to make sure the outline is perfect before I start painting. I have a 5X5 canvas that I have been using as a pallet for years that’s covered in layers of paint. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours. Other times…a detailed piece can take two or three days.”

Colors that are natural in the landscapes of Hawaii, where Phalecia lived while serving in the Navy, are inspirational in her creative work. Encouragement from an art teacher and high school classmates in Selma played an important part in the twenty years of her creativity. She and her sons have worked together in Selma painting with a local muralist. Making jewelry is also a part of her creative spirit and an additional stress reliever. “Seeing the finished product come out better than I expected,” and, “seeing someone else enjoy my painting as much as I do” are the rewards that Phalecia said mean the most from her finished works.

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Lets Talk phalecia young, wine, acrylic, canvas, let's talk,
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Phalecia Young: Let's Talk; Acrylic on Canvas; 2 Wine Glasses and Bottle; 16"x20";signed by the artist

Good Evening phalecia young, wine, acrylic, canvas, good evening,
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Phalecia Young: Good Evening; Acrylic on Board; Wine Glass and Bottle; 12"x16"; signed by the artist