Author: K.T. Archer

Montgomery County, Alabama

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    Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux cherishes her friendship with Kay, not just because she is a terrific gal, but also because she helped orchestrate the first meeting four years ago between Lizzy and the love of her life. But as much as Lizzy likes how good Kay’s husband, Marcus, is to her, she still cannot ignore the nagging feeling in the back of her mind that Marcus has a dark side. Lizzy has no idea she is about to discover that her intuition is spot-on.
    While running errands, Lizzy walks in the wrong place at the right time and secretly witnesses Marcus in the midst of a romantic rendezvous with another woman. Now, she is left with an agonizing decision whether to tell Kay, who has just confessed she and Marcus are having money troubles, or keep the discovery to herself. But as soon as Lizzy chooses to tell Kay everything she knows, the two women slowly begin to unravel Marcus’ deception, unwittingly unleashing a psychopath from his silent prison.
    In this chilling romantic thriller, the truth leaves two women fighting for their lives as a predator driven by his evil nature embarks on a deadly quest for revenge.