Samantha Cook

Wilcox County


Samantha Cook was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 2007. Samantha spent the first two years of her life in her mother’s ceramics studio where, Kristin Law-Cook was the Curator of Collections at The Hermitage Foundation Museum in Norfolk. Since moving to Camden, Alabama in 2009 her mother’s studio has been in Black Belt Treasures’ studio space. She has attended art classes at BBTCAC since her pre-kindergarten years while learning many different techniques and mediums. She is especially inspired by the work of her mother, and a grandmother that is a printmaker and grandfather that is a sculptor.

Samantha is inspired by nature, the world around her, and other artists. Her materials used in pottery are clay, cobalt oxide and clear glaze. Other interests include painting, drawing and photography, all of which she has won numerous awards through the Alabama Independent School Association local, district and state art shows.

Samantha said that “creating, in general, relaxes me”. She works as a gallery associate at BBTCAC.

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Samantha Cook's complexly designed pendants look beautiful on anything.  The lovely blue and white design on each of the pendants take each of the pieces to the next level. Each order comes with 1 pendant, please contact us if you would like a specific pendant or more than 1 pendant.